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Why us?

We at Jacksonville Co. Furniture, we work with overstock and return products. Products that were returned without any reason/defect, or products that are left in stock at large stores, it's sent to auctions where only a few companies can purchase these items, and we are one of those companies.

When purchasing items, we do a complete review of the item, to ensure that we are delivering to our customer an item of unquestionable and perfect quality, really in new condition. Although all our items are brand new, our differential is the price well below the market. Usually our items are 50% below the original value of the product, making high value products affordable to anyone.


We value our safety, but mainly that of our client. With that in mind, we only work with the in-person shopping system, so our customers do not need to deposit any amount online, and can come and check the quality of the product in person, thus being able to make their purchase decision only when they are absolutely sure.

We hope to see you soon! If you have any questions, please contact us via chat or email.

Click here below to view our current inventory.

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